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Cabinet layouts are typically dimensioned in inches so you first need to calculate the total length in inches needed for each wall cabinet layout space rail. Then subtract 2 inches from each layout space total length and select the corresponding rail kit that provides this length. If this calculated rail length exceeds a stock kit size by only a few inches, it is not critical to have a rail run the full distance of a cabinet layout space length. Just be sure to note the affected end of run cabinet and adjust the corresponding cabinet bracket inward a sufficient amount to enable the bracket to fully engage the shortened rail. NOTE: The rails are easily trimmed with a hacksaw.

Hang-It-Yourself™ is a patented, universal fit cabinet hanging and alignment system. This product makes kitchen renovation fast and easy—designed to work on any framed, frameless, pre-assembled, or ready-to-assemble wall cabinets. The sturdy aluminum wall rail ensures a straight and level cabinet installation while providing the flexibility of adjustments prior to final attachment.


  • 2-94" Wall Rails
  • 16 Cabinet Brackets (One per foot of wall rail length)
  • 3 different length screws, washers, T-nuts and caps for each bracket  
  • 16-1/16" Rail Shims and 16-Tapered, combed, Cabinet Bottom Shims
  • Snap-Toggles
  • Drill/Driver Pack

Each Hang-It-Yourself kit includes all of the “Rail length-specific” hardware needed to install rails and cabinets on wood frame constructed walls except for the front face attachment screws whose sizes and number vary based on the particular cabinets. See your specific cabinet manufacturer’s instructions regarding recommended fastener size and location for attachment of adjacent cabinet faces.

Metal stud construction, brick, block or concrete walls will require special rail and cabinet bottom attachment fasteners not provided in the installation kits. We recommend SnapToggles for metal studs and Tapcon hex head screws for masonry walls.



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Pam A.
United States

Worth Every Penny

I am so glad I decided to purchase this system. Worth every penny!! I am a 68 year old woman and was able to hang my own kitchen cabinets beautifully which would have been a nightmare without hang-it-yourself.

Brett W.
United States United States

Well engineered cabinet hanging solution

They thought of everything. The instructions were thorough and well written and the video instructions were well animated. All the promised parts arrived well packaged. That's the summary, but it helps to know who's telling you this. I'm an experienced DIYer with a decent collection of quality tools that I've acquired over the years. I work at a company that supplies hotel furniture, but I'm in the office (engineering) and not actually out building the product. My project was to install a set of Cabinets To Go cabs in one of my rental houses. It was an old house, but the walls are relatively flat and square. I did make use of the shims which are great. Because I was using the pre-built cabs my kit consisted of two cabinets where one would probably have been built if we had used a custom builder. Because of that, I ended up having to order four additional brackets which arrived within a week's time. I'm working on these on weekends so no delay. Just a well designed and engineered solution. Quality material choices. I did some research and saw nothing close to a complete system like this so I'm happy with my purchase. This might be considered pricey, but I'm a value buyer and this was well within my parameters for good value. Thanks!

Lance K.
United States United States

Great Product!

Let me start by saying this was my first time using this product. After placing my order, customer service contracted me to clarify the extra components I order to make sure sure I truly needed them. After some good explanation of how the rails and brackets are installed on the various size cabinets I was working with, we adjusted the order. Instead of sending the extra components that I ended up not needing just to make a few extra bucks, they decreased my order to what I really needed. Great customer service! if you have not used these rails before, I recommend watching the installation videos. They are a great summary of the instructions that come with the system. Take your time to make sure the rail is level. Don't rush this step...especially if you have corner cabinets and have to install two separate rails. If possible, install blocking between your studs at your rail height and at the bottom of the cabinet height if you are able to do so. This will make sure all anchors are into structural members and snap toggle anchors won't be needed.

Randall W.
United States United States


These were very easy to attach to the wall.

Ray T.
United States United States

Awesome Product!

What a time (and headache) saver!