E Cabinet Hanging System - Bundle: 236"

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Cabinet layouts are usually dimensioned in inches so you first need to calculate the total length in inches needed for each layout space rail and record this length. Then subtract 2 inches from each total length and select the corresponding rail kit or kits that provides this total length for each layout space.

Hang-It-Yourself™ is a patented, universal fit cabinet hanging and alignment system. This product makes kitchen renovation fast and easy—designed to work on any framed, frameless, pre-assembled, or ready-to-assemble wall cabinets. The sturdy aluminum wall rail ensures a straight and level cabinet installation while providing the flexibility of adjustments prior to final attachment.


  • Two 94" and One 48" Wall Rail
  • 20 Cabinet Brackets (One per foot of wall rail length)
  • Plastic Shims
  • Snap-Toggles
  • Drill/Driver Pack
  • Screws, Tee-Nuts, and Covers

Each Hang-It-Yourself kit includes all of the “Rail length-specific” hardware needed to install rails and cabinets on wood frame constructed walls except for the front face attachment screws whose sizes and number vary based on the particular cabinets. See your specific cabinet manufacturer’s instructions regarding recommended fastener size and location for attachment of adjacent cabinet faces.

Metal stud construction, brick, block or concrete walls will require special rail and cabinet bottom attachment fasteners not provided in the installation kits. We recommend that you consult a professional for help in determining the proper fastener for the material that you are attaching to.